The viewer above shows FlowPaper in annotations mode. Using FlowPaper with JavaScript is as easy as pointing to a PDF file like the code snippet below. We have also included a few set up guides to the right to help you get started quickly without any programming.

   { config : {
           PDFFile : 'pdf/Paper.pdf',
FlowPaper Example Document
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Quick Start
» FlowPaper in HTML5 mode
» FlowPaper in HTML4 mode
» FlowPaper in Flash mode
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» Interactive debugging API
Publishing with PHP
» On the fly publishing (requires PHP5)
» Large (split) file publishing (requires PHP5)
Publishing with ASP.NET
» On the fly publishing (requires ASP.NET)
» Large (split) file publishing (requires ASP.NET)
» Choosing Publishing Format
» Configuring and Publishing with PHP
» Configuring and Publishing with ASP.NET
» Converting Documents Manually
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